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Happy 10th Anniversary ChangeYourEnergy! See How We’re Celebrating

Posted by Michela Mangiaracina on Aug 1st 2023

Happy 10th Anniversary ChangeYourEnergy! See How We’re Celebrating

We can hardly believe it’s been 10 years since launched. To the many people who have worked with us and have enjoyed this website, we offer our sincere gratitude. has evolved over the years, and will continue to change and grow, but through it all, we’ve tried to remain true to our initial purpose. We know that if we help people change their energy, everything else will fall into place. Our lives will be better, and so will our world.

As our energy changes together—as it becomes brighter, clearer and stronger, bringing more health, love and joy into our lives—we believe that we will change into a New Humanity. Our founder, educator and visionary Ilchi Lee, has introduced the concept of a New Humanity because he believes we can develop into our most authentic selves. As a community of people who fully embody unconditional love, peace, joy, gratitude and oneness, we can create a world in which we all live in harmony with and care for each other and the earth. That is our ultimate goal.

What’s Coming Up . . .

In the coming months, you can look forward to:

  1. New courses for Premium Members, such as the recently released Sound & Rhythm Healing.

  2. Fresh, free webinars every month that give you new ways or a deeper understanding of changing your energy.

  3. New books and other products to help you change your consciousness and have the ideal energy flow.

  4. A new look and course organization to help you explore all the courses on the site more easily.

How We’re Celebrating Now . . .

Our anniversary would never be complete without a sale!

All month long, you can enjoy:

We hope the sale makes you as happy as we are. We’re looking forward to spending 10 more years with you.