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Energy Healing

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Meditation Cards
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7 Chakra Wand (Clear Quartz)


Beautiful natural stone inlay representing the colors of each chakra set on a clear quartz wand with a clear quartz crystal point. Use it as a meditation tool or even a conversation piece.7 natural earth stones and clear quartz crystal with metal banding...

7 Chakras Energy Cards


The Chakra Energy Cards are designed to assist you in learning more about each chakra and also to help you detect imbalances. Each of the 7 chakras have distinct properties and influences on your life so understanding the different aspects of each can...

Brainy Magnetic Balls


Experience the mind-calming effect of Brainy Magnetic Balls. Use them as a stress reliever, anxiety reducer, brain training tool, meditation aid, or let your imagination run wild and build fun jewelry or desk decorations.Do you have a child or student...

Chakra Stone


The First Chakra is the color red and is located at the base of the spine. It represents basic survival needs, our rootedness to the earth, security and healthy sexuality.First Chakra Stone helps you ground yourself to earth's nurturing forces and...

ChunBuKyung Wisdom Cards


Chun Bu Kyung is a sacred Korean text that is more than 9,000 years old yet still has lessons for us today. Pick pearls of wisdom from it with this beautiful and inspirational card deck. Each card has one of the 81 characters of the Chun Bu Kyung, its...

Citrine Crystal Point


Heart Chakra, the fourth energy center, is located at the center of your chest. Use the 4th Chakra Crystal Point to energize your heart center and create a sense of joy and abundance.,100% natural citrine crystalSmall size: 1.5" to 2.5"Large size: 3" to...

Energy Meditation Magnets


Made of magnetic hematite, these energy meditation magnets can help you boost awareness and focus to amplify your meditation experience. They make a great gift for any meditation enthusiast.   What is Hematite? Known as the “stone for the...

Ilchi Chakra Magnet


The 7 Chakra print was designed specifically by Ilchi Lee. It is covered with sturdy clear plastic with a flat magnetic backing. Magnet easily hangs on any metal surface, or place them flat on any surface. Perfect decoration for desk, coffee table or...

LifeParticle Hologram Card


The LifeParticle Hologram Card features a 3D sacred geometry image of the LifeParticle Sun designed by energy meditation expert, Ilchi Lee. LifeParticles can bring your mind into a meditative state and bring out your innate potential to manifest your...

Magnetic Meditation Kit


Magnetic Meditation is a meditation method in which you use the tangible sensation of the magnetic fields of magnets to feel, amplify, and circulate energy. By playing with and rubbing magnets together, you can enhance their magnetic energy field during...

Solar Energy Circuit Cards


Powerful and effective, Solar Energy Circuit Meditation recharges your body and mind until they radiate with complete health and happiness. Take in the 12 circuits that characterize the cosmic energy around you to zap away physical imbalances and old,...

Spiritual Power Set


This Spiritual Power Set includes 4 items and will be sent with the items packaged in a cardboard box wrapped with a ribbon and personalized note. Please indicate in the memo what message you’d like written in the note. Orders without memos will be...