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Crystal Facial Roller

Give your face a much needed massage with this handmade Crystal Facial Roller. The double-sided roller can slim and firm the skin to promote blood circulation for a healthy glow. Can be chilled in the freezer and used especially around the eyes to depuff...
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Hydrating Face Masks (5 pack)

Boost your skincare regimen with these silky cellulose sheet face masks infused with mink oil, royal jelly, collagen, and red ginseng. These masks are perfect for those with dry, sensitive skin and can be applied to aid with scars, wrinkles and also age...
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Animal Shaped Face Masks (10 pack)

Fun animal-shaped face masks that deliver essential nutrients for your skin as a necessary part of your facial care routine. Available in three styles: Tiger, Panda, and Fox—and each one contains serums with its own skincare benefits like wrinkle...
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Organic Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser

Reward your face with cool, calming cucumber. A soothing, certified organic cleanser that naturally exfoliates, hydrates and gently cleanses dirt and makeup that can cause irritation.Cucumber has been used since Cleopatra's time to cool and calm skin...