The Art of Coexistence


Expected release date is Apr 1st 2023

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We are facing a crisis situation involving multiple global problems, any one of which could drive humanity to utter ruin. This presents an urgent need and opportunity to create fundamental, long-term changes promising a sustainable future. Like it or not, this situation puts each of us living on Earth in a very special place in the history of humanity and our planet.

This special position demands our reflection, wisdom, courage, and responsibility on a different level from that of previous generations. For pandemics, climate crises, and other such problems threaten all our lives, not only those of certain individuals or groups. It is also because we cannot solve these problems while putting the interests of any individual, group, or nation first.

The key to solving the problems and challenges we face is coexistence. Coexistence is not about just recognizing each other's equal right to exist in this world; it is a much more active and fundamental principle. Coexistence is based on the understanding that all life on Earth is interconnected and that unless we take care of each other, ultimately, we cannot survive. Coexistence is not one of many but the only way we can thrive together in the long run. More than any new technology or infrastructure, we most desperately need this understanding and attitude to achieve a sustainable planet.

The conscience, empathy, and ability to reflect that we need to coexist harmoniously with one another are a natural part of ourselves. They exist beyond the veil of conceptual information, regardless of our personal experience, educational level, or surrounding environment. This is the living naturalness in the hearts and brains of all people.

Finding this naturalness hidden within us and learning how to use it is a new art we should pursue and develop beyond the material dimension. In this book, Ilchi Lee describes the core concepts and principles of this art, as well as methods for making use of them. He also proposes plans for moving beyond the personal level to applying such ideas for social, cultural, and institutional change.

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