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8 Ways to Find Balance with Brain Wave Vibration

Posted by Kris Washington-Carroll on Apr 1st 2024

8 Ways to Find Balance with Brain Wave Vibration

Imagine being able to shift from a stressed-out state to one of calm and clarity at the flip of a switch. That's what Brain Wave Vibration offers. It’s a scientifically-proven method to alter your brain waves and achieve a more serene state of mind without fancy tech gadgets, difficult exercises, or years of meditation practice.

Developed by Ilchi Lee, founder of Change Your Energy, Brain Wave Vibration draws upon decades of mind-body training and neuroscience principles. At its core is a simple shaking movement that aligns your body and brain with your internal rhythm, effectively shutting off chronic stress. While the technique might look a little funny—picture gently shaking your head from side to side while tapping on your abdomen—the results are profound.

The beauty of Brain Wave Vibration is that practically anyone can do it, regardless of their health condition. There are no challenging poses or struggling to quiet your mind in meditation; your body's natural rhythms will induce a state of calm and clarity.

Brain Wave Vibration practitioners report benefits like a clearer mind, better memory and focus, renewed physical vitality, being less reactive, more creativity, and more happiness.

So what exactly is happening in your brain when you practice this technique?

Here's a bit of brain wave 101: Throughout your waking hours, your brain predominantly operates in high-frequency "beta" patterns. But during sleep or deep relaxation, it switches to low-frequency patterns like delta, theta, and alpha. Brain Wave Vibration specifically targets increasing alpha brain waves, creating feelings of calmness and mental clarity.

Research has shown that Brain Wave Vibration also stimulates the release of "feel-good" chemicals. It induces a relaxation response, slowing down heart rate, relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure, and even helping you fall asleep faster.

Learning Brain Wave Vibration is within reach for everyone. Here are eight ways you can dive into this soothing practice:

1. Brain Wave Vibration Book

In this book, Ilchi Lee shares various ways to practice Brain Wave Vibration, offering deep insights into human happiness and fulfillment. He emphasizes the simple truth that creating miracles is about reconnecting with your true self, and that Brain Wave Vibration is not just a physical practice but a call to unlock the vast potential of your brain.

2. Brain Wave Vibration Audiobook with Guided Training Session

This audio version of the book includes an additional Guided Brain Wave Vibration Training Session, recorded by a certified Brain Education Instructor who has taught the method for many years. The one-hour guided training includes:

  1. Warm-up Exercise
  2. Head Nod Vibration
  3. Full-body Vibration
  4. Chest Vibration
  5. Energy Meditation
  6. Energy Dance
  7. Vision Meditation

3. Brain Wave Vibration Guided Meditation Audio

Get the same one-hour guided training session that’s included with the audiobook separately.

4. Stress Relief with Brain Wave Vibration Course

In this course, Brain Wave Vibration instructor Dave Beal guides you through some of the science behind Brain Wave Vibration and introduces you to the practice. After learning about “Your Brain on Stress”, you’ll experience a variety of ways to do Brain Wave Vibration to restore your brain to a healthy state. The course also includes 6 tracks of Brain Wave Vibration music you can use to practice on your own.

5. Declutter Your Mind with Brain Wave Vibration Webinar

In this one-hour webinar recording, you’ll learn:

  • about the three layers of the brain and how they work together
  • why letting go of attachments and old memories helps your physical and mental health
  • how to incorporate Brain Wave Vibration into your daily practice
  • how to replace negative information with fresh, positive information
  • how to clean out your brain stem and get your mind back into balance

6. Music for Brain Wave Vibration

This album is a collection of music ideally suited for practicing Brain Wave Vibration. It will inspire you to move freely with the healing rhythms of your body.

7. Vibration Exercise Music Compilation

This is another album that’s great for practicing Brain Wave Vibration, as well as for dancing or other vibration exercises. With music featuring drums, flutes, and even the human voice, it combines songs from Music for Brain Wave Vibration, Healing Rhythms, and The Music of the Brain Art Festival 2009.

8. Sound & Rhythm Healing

This album features music by Sun Poong, an international master musician known for creating music that lets you to resonate with life's natural rhythms. Each track on this album uses traditional Korean percussion, flute instruments, and/or singing to stimulate movement and rejuvenation.

By incorporating Brain Wave Vibration into your daily routine, you can bid farewell to stress and welcome a newfound sense of calm and clarity. Why not give it a try? The power to transform your body and mind is in the simple shake of your head.