Vibration Exercise Music Compilation (Download)

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When you think of vibration, you may think of drums or other percussion instruments. Things that boom and rattle. These sounds make a strong impression on your body, often making it move.

They’re the basis of many forms of traditional music . . . from Native American, to African, to Middle Eastern, to Indian, to Polynesian, and even some European music. These dances can be cathartic, releasing stress and worry from body and mind. They’ve even been used for healing by traditional cultures.

You don’t need to know these dances to receive these benefits, however. You can simply do vibration exercise. Shaking, dipping, tapping, and chanting all count as vibration exercise. Rather than following a set pattern, you can move in any way you like. It’s best to follow your own natural rhythm and flow. If you’ve ever had a wild night of dancing when you’ve really let go, you’ve had a taste of vibration exercise.

Why should you do vibration exercise? Because it . . .

  • Is relaxing.
  • Loosens your muscles and joints.
  • Slows down your brain waves.
  • Allows you to breathe more deeply.
  • Clears your mind.
  • Releases all of your stress.
  • Makes you more aware of yourself.
  • Opens your energy pathways.
  • Stimulates your creativity.

This music compilation brings together ideal music for vibration exercise. It combines songs from Music for Brain Wave Vibration, Healing Rhythms, and The Music of the Brain Art Festival 2009. With drums, flutes, and even the human voice, this music will inspire your body to move freely and will itself restore your body, mind, and spirit, simply by listening to it.

All of the tracks on this compilation are in MP3 format.

Track List

  1. Boom Boom Drums (7:34)
  2. Song and Dance of the Soul (Younggamudo) (15:28)
  3. Belly Drumming (3:06)
  4. Vibration I (Sa-mul-no-ri) (10:32)
  5. Vibration II (Kil-goon-ahk) (5:10)
  6. Vibration III (Sa-mul-no-ri with voice) (16:11)
  7. Human Rhythm (Original) by Arang Park (5:22)
  8. Human Rhythm by Arang Park (Training Edit) (7:29)
  9. Sacred Chant (Dotongju) (7:30)

Total Time: 78:22

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