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Discover the healing power of sound and rhythm with the second U.S. album by international master musician Sun Poong. Sound and rhythm have been used by cultures around the world since ancient times to bring us back into balance. Each track on this album uses traditional Korean percussion, flute instruments, and/or singing to stimulate and rejuvenate mind and body. 

Sun Poong has researched and practiced his craft for many years to create music that lets you to resonate with life's natural rhythms, the best for healing. The songs on this album are particularly composed with the perfect rhythms for dynamic mind-body exercises such as those found in the Body & Brain Yoga practice. Follow along as you do signature Body & Brain exercises such as Brain Wave Vibration, Body Tapping, Belly Button Healing, Intestinal Exercises, and Abdominal breathing.

The combination of movement and rhythmic sound helps you relax and open your mind and body for greater stress relief, better circulation, and deeper sleep.


  1. Tap Tap Dahnjon Tapping (6:30)
  2. Pull and Push Intestinal Exercise (5:48)
  3. Press Press Your Belly Button (6:16)
  4. Clap Clap Your Stress Away (4:54)
  5. Ha Ha Ho Ho Laughing Out Loud (3:38)
  6. Shake It Up Brain Wave Vibration (6:28)
  7. Wobble Wobble Whole Body Vibration (5:52)
  8. Arirang Arirang Soul Vibration (Younggamudo 2) (23:19)
  9. Breathe In Breathe Out (3:16)

Total Time: 1:01:01


About the Artist

Fascinated by the sights and sounds of traditional Korean pungmul (percussion folk music), it was inevitable that Sun Poong would become a professional musician. Years later, at a crossroads in his life when he confronted his musical limits, it was also destiny when he encountered his teacher, Ilchi Lee. Since then, he has accepted the teaching, “Stop playing the music of technology and perform the music of the Tao.”

He realized that the music he had been pursuing flows from Korea's ancient Sundo traditions, and, since then, he has been promoting health, wellbeing, and spirituality through music and sound. For over 23 years, Sun Poong has conveyed the essence of healing through rhythm in more than 300 performances, workshops and several CD recordings.

Sun Poong is the CEO of Poongryudo, which offers a system of mind/body training programs based on the traditional music of Korea, and is Director of the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea. 


Format: MP3
Time: 1:01:01, 9 Tracks
Publisher: Best Life Media (January 2021)
Artist: Sun Poong


Discover Sun Poong's first U.S. album, Healing Rhythms.

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