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Back Care

Enjoy a Pain-Free Life with a Healthy Back

Restore alignment and relieve tension in your body with our simple, easy-to-use wooden pillows and bolsters.

For Your Neck

Wooden Pillow

Get fast relief from a stiff neck, aching shoulders, and stress headaches.

For Your Upper Back

Upper Back Bolster

Effective for upper-back pain relief, tight shoulders, spine alignment, deeper breathing, and better posture.

For Your Lower Back

Multi Function Lower Back Bolster

Release pain and tension in the Lower Back while recovering the natural curve of the spine.

For Your Legs and Feet

Ankle Massager

Improve circulation and relieve fatigue in your legs and feet. Great if you are on your feet for long periods of time.

For Your Spine

Rainbow Bridge

Stretch and align your vertebrae for better posture, pain relief, and relaxation.

For Using Them All

Wooden Pillow Exercise Book

Includes exercises for different symptoms and morning and evening routines.