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Expand your practice with books, movies, and music on self improvement, meditation, longevity, and energy healing. 

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Dahn Yoga for MS

$19.95 $13.97

Dahn Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis and Similar Conditions is an instructional yoga DVD designed to help multiple sclerosis (MS) patients gain energy and reduce the symptoms of MS with simple, mild, safe, and effective exercises. It includes gentle...

Earth Citizen: Recovering Our Humanity


Lee contends that while the cultures of the world may remain diverse, we are all united by our dependence on a single planet—the Earth. For this reason, he says we must all find a way to place the Earth at the center of our personal value systems...

Healing Rhythms CD


When you listen to rhythmic sounds, your body, brainwaves, and energy centers begin to vibrate in response. Healing Rhythms: Music for Dynamic Meditation and Vibrational Healing is designed to utilize the healing power of rhythm to promote...

Kevin Kern - Summer Daydreams

$15.98 $11.19

Music as luminous and intimate as a Monet painting has become the standard from pianist Kevin Kern, whose In the Enchanted Garden has become a cherished favorite in over 40 countries.Subtle coloring's, including violin, cello and clarinet combine with...

LifeParticle Meditation


A meditation book like no other, LifeParticle Meditation provides targeted visualization techniques for waking up your mind’s abilities and making the changes you want in your life. Rather than being dragged by life’s inevitable flow of...

LifeParticle Sound Healing


LifeParticles, sometimes called ki or chi, give rise to all the diverse forms of life. This energy serves as a bridge between a person's inner consciousness and the physical world. As you learn to access the power of LifeParticles, your intentions become...

Magnetic Meditation Kit


Magnetic Meditation is a meditation method in which you use the tangible sensation of the magnetic fields of magnets to feel, amplify, and circulate energy. By playing with and rubbing magnets together, you can enhance their magnetic energy field during...

Mago's Dream


Pick up this book, make yourself comfortable, and settle into the loving arms of Mago, the Soul of Mother Earth. Mago's Dream is a rare combination of highly inspirational messages and practical techniques that will help you connect with the...

Marina Raye - Liquid Silk


Marina Raye plays native flutes with the gentle harmony of nature in this meditative journey into the heart of peace. Silken waves of sound transport you to a world beyond time, a world where the waters run sweet, where life is gentle and hope sparkles...