In Full Bloom: A Brain Education Guide for Successful Aging

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Winner of a silver medal in the Living Now Book Awards!

In Full Bloom celebrates the older brain and its unique capabilities, while offering practical advice to maintain and accentuate its attributes.

This book will help older adults:

  • Improve attention and concentration
  • Expand imagination and creativity
  • Develop energy and strength
  • Increase memory improvement
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Optimize brain fitness and brain health
  • Gain inspiration for a positive mature identity

The truth about the aging brain is simple but extraordinary: people don't have to lose mental acuity as they get older! This book bursts through the myths that surround the successful aging of the brain, encouraging older adults to take an active role in keeping their brains in top condition for life. Based on the five-step Brain Education method and the lastest findings in neuroscience, it is a guide to getting the most out of life in last third of life by using the brain to its maximum potential.

Each of the five steps challenges the reader to reconsider old habits and assumptions that affect brain fitness. This unique self improvement book begins with an examination of the important interconnection between body and brain, providing a fully-illustrated series of body and brain exercises to keep both in top condition. It then explores the brain's remarkable ability to evolve, adapt, and learn at any age. Challenging activities are provided to promote mental quickness and to enhance and support brain health throughout life. The book also helps people view the importance of the brain in regard to emotional patterns and personal identity. In short, this is a book about using the brain's natural abilities to create a happy, productive life in one’s later years.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 232 pages, Black and white 
Publisher: BEST Life Media (February 20, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0979938848 
ISBN-13: 978-0979938849

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