Twenty-one Day Journal: A Journey of Personal Growth (Original)

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In many Asian traditions, 21 days is considered a spiritually significant time period. Ancient sacred texts often describe the transformation of spiritual figures through 21 days of ascetic discipline. Some experts tell us that it takes at least 21 days to create a new habit because of the time required for new neural connections to form in the brain. This inherent brain plasticity is the key to our ability to change ourselves and our lives.

Is there something about yourself that you feel less than satisfied with? Now this new journal will help you undergo your own transformation one day at a time. Journaling helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings, and formulate a new understanding of yourself. The 21-Day Journal guides you in this self healing process, helping you set a goal and a course of action. It gives you the space to record not only your thoughts and emotions, but your physical sensations as well. Learn how to closely watch yourself and learn from your own experience through the lens this journal provides.

Beautifully and elegantly designed, the 21-Day Journal includes an introduction and a foundation for beginning your journey from Brain Education founder Ilchi Lee. His encouraging quotes are scattered throughout, and there are extra blank pages in the back to provide plenty of space for recording your own inspiration.

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Diana May 15th 2020

Most Effective Journal I've Ever Had!

Throughout my life I've tried to journal but I've never been able to do it consistently. I have piles of half-filled books. Blank pages leave me at a loss or lead to a stream of consciousness brain dump, and journals with prompts are often too esoteric, leading to airy thoughts. This journal - especially combined with my daily yoga practice - brings out concrete thoughts and a clear picture of how I feel before my practice, how I feel after, and what my intentions are. I actually look forward to journalling and I like having a set length of time and enough (but not too much) space to answer the prompts. It keeps my thoughts focused and I feel a cumulative effect that has me being clear about my intentions, and what's most important, throughout the day. I'm nearly done with the first copy I bought and I'm buying a second copy to continue my development!

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