Dahn Yoga for Beginners

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Format: NTSC
Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only) 
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Healing Society
DVD Release Date: December, 2004
Run Time: 35 minutes
ISBN-13: 978-1-935127-05-5
ISBN-10: 1-935127-05-5
UPC: 827001404015

Dahn Yoga® is a rapidly growing holistic health program that incorporates the use of life energy (ki) to facilitate physical and mental health. Today, more than one million people world-wide are practicing Dahn Yoga.

Dahn Yoga is based on Dahnhak®, the study of life energy and an ancient Korean system of incorporating mind/body training with relaxation techniques. Dahn means energy, vitality, and origin of life, and hak means study, philosophy, and theory. This traditional training program was re-discovered and modernized by Ilchi Lee in 1980.

Dahn Yoga for Beginners offers an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to the basic Dahn Yoga workout. Discover how to de-stress and relax through this gentle yoga practice; learn how to feel and utilize ki energy, the ultimate life force, while facilitating relaxation and developing inner peace and external strength.

This DVD includes:

  • Doin (meridian) Exercises to stretch the body (12 minutes)
  • Guided Relaxation to revitalize the mind (3 minutes)
  • Breathing to center and quiet the mind and body (5 minutes)
  • Feeling ki energy that connects the mind and body (3 minutes)
  • Dahnhak Kigong to enhance strength and balance (6 minutes)

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