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Transformative 28-Day Detox Online Course

Posted by Michela Mangiaracina on Jun 19th 2023

Transformative 28-Day Detox Online Course

Discover the 28-Day Detox - Return to Self, Balance, and Health: Online Course, a transformative program developed by Sedona Healing Arts and now available through This comprehensive course is designed to cleanse your body, restore your digestive system, and unlock personal transformation, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Comprehensive and Refined Program

Experience the expertise of Sedona Healing Arts with their refined course, developed over 15 years to provide you with the most comprehensive detox experience. This program combines an engaging online workshop with a recommended regimen of herbs and supplements for a holistic approach to cleansing and rejuvenation.

Course Highlights

  1. Engaging Lessons: Dive into ten engaging lessons presented through informative videos, covering essential topics such as food choices, emotional healing, and the secret fundamentals of health.

  2. Nutrient-Dense Guidance: Receive detailed guidance on which nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits to consume, facilitating the gut healing process. You'll also receive a downloadable recipe book and grocery list to support you in your shopping and cooking experience.

  3. Supplements and Protocol: Enhance the detoxification process with carefully selected supplements and a protocol that supports your body's natural elimination process. As an added benefit, approximately $500 worth of supplements will be mailed directly to your doorstep (US only) to support your detox journey.

  4. Supportive Materials: Throughout the four-week journey, you'll receive weekly workbooks and support videos, offering step-by-step guidance on dietary and supplement changes.

  5. Live Coaching Sessions: Enjoy the unique feature of two one-hour live coaching sessions with expert coaches from Sedona Healing Arts. These sessions provide you with emotional healing support and guidance related to the cleanse, ensuring a supportive environment throughout your journey.

Transformation Awaits

Creator and main trainer of the program, Yolessa Lawrinnce, shares, "You will excrete damaged cells that have held old toxic emotional memories, face all your most prevalent and chronic issues, and let them go." Experience the cleansing and healing of your physical body, unblock your emotional body, and rebalance all your chakras.

Testimonials of Transformation

Participants have praised the 28-Day Detox course for its transformative power. Deanna Czerwonka, owner of Inspiring Wellness for Life, expressed how the detox cleansed her of emotional baggage, improving her physical appearance and providing her with more focus, clarity, energy, and vitality. Mane Andreasyan, a practitioner and teacher of mind-body holistic methods, highlighted the profound positive transformation she experienced in her mood, energy, and intuition.

How to Get Started

Enrollment in the 28-Day Detox online course is now open. Simply purchase the course from the Change Your Energy Shop, and you'll receive the necessary supplements and be connected with the dedicated staff at Sedona Healing Arts, who will provide you with further program details.

For more information and to enroll in the 28-Day Detox - Return to Self, Balance, and Health: Online Course, visit the program page here.

About Sedona Healing Arts

Based in Sedona, Arizona, Sedona Healing Arts offers a range of healing tools and services to support individuals on their healing journey. With a team of experienced intuitive readers and healers, Sedona Healing Arts aims to provide guidance and promote authentic living through an integrative and practical spiritual approach.

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