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Wooden Pillow Benefits & Exercises

The Wooden Pillow is a self-massage tool to help you get fast relief from pain and tension along your spine, especially in your neck and shoulders.

The neck, shoulders, and the back of the head are the first areas to tense up when you’re under stress. By using the Wooden Pillow in that area, you can effectively target your body’s energy points and meridians (energy channels) to relieve any stress, pain, and tension that you hold there.

The Wooden Pillow is used under your neck while gently rocking your head side to side. You’ll feel your muscles relaxing and vertebrae coming back into proper alignment as you comfortable exhale your tension away

Wooden Pillow Benefits

  • Relieves tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Eases painful headaches
  • Reduces stress
  • Realigns the vertebrae
  • Improves sleep through the night
  • Promotes proper energy circulation
  • Can be used to massage the intestines for better digestion
  • Can be used as a foot massager

Perfect way to wind
down and improve sleep

Too much stress on your mind can lead to nights spent tossing and turning. The Wooden Pillow is an effective tool to release stress and improve sleep. With regular use, it can reverse chronic insomnia and help increase the time spent in deep, restorative sleep.

Experience deep core relaxation

Many people have poor digestion and abdominal health because of the tension held in their abdomen. The Wooden Pillow can be used as a core relaxation tool to release tension from deep within the abdominal muscles, which improves blood circulation and lymph detoxification. Since the abdomen is also the key energy center of the body, you will also find that this increases your sense of vitality and balances your mood.

A handy foot massager
for rejuvenation

The Wooden Pillow can also be used to deeply stimulate and massage the foot as you step on it in different positions. Using reflexology, the feet are connected to all of your organs and body parts, so using the pillow for a foot massage will deeply ease tension beyond just in the spine. The Wooden Pillow is strong enough to support any person's full weight.

Improve energy flow
and circulation

The Wooden Pillow uses the same energy principles as acupuncture and acupressure massage, which have been used to heal the body for thousands of years. According to these practices, pain and illness result from blockages in the body’s energetic system. The Wooden Pillow helps to release blockages and stimulates energy flow along your neck and shoulders.

Durable & Portable Handcrafted from Premium Cedar Wood

The Wooden Pillow is made of wood from the Cedar tree, known for its strength, durability, and resistance to warping. It withstands decades of use and is small and light enough to take anywhere, even in a suitcase.

How to Choose the Right Size For You

The Wooden Pillow is available in three sizes.

Size Chart

Size 1 - Fits 5’3” and under

Size 2 - Fits 5’3” to 5’11”

Size 3 - Fits 6’ and above

*NOTE: If you are between any heights, we recommend sizing down if your neck is short and sizing up if your neck is long.

How to Use the Wooden Pillow

To relieve headaches and neck tension

To relieve stiff neck & shoulder and headaches:

  • Place the Wooden Pillow flat on the floor. For more comfort, place a towel over it or use the Wooden Pillow Cover.
  • Lie down and place the Wooden Pillow under your neck. Gently rock your head side to side on the area of discomfort.
  • Relax your jaw and open your mouth slightly as you breathe out. Focus on relaxing the muscles in your neck.
  • For neck & shoulder: As you feel your muscles begin to relax, move the pillow down the spine to the level the top of your shoulders and repeat the steps above.
  • For headaches: As you feel your muscles begin to relax, move the pillow higher on your head to the base of your skull and repeat the steps above.
  • Begin with practicing this a few minutes a day, and then increase the time up to 20 minutes as you become comfortable.

To experience deep, core relaxation

To experience deep, core relaxation:

  • Lower Abdomen: Lie on your stomach and place the Wooden Pillow below your belly button, above your hip bones. Breathe in, and as you breathe out, gently press into the Wooden Pillow using your own body weight against your abdominal muscles. Push your abdominal muscles in and out as you apply gentle pressure.
  • Upper/Mid-Abdomen: Stimulate the middle abdomen by following the horizontal line along the belly button. For the upper abdomen, put the Wooden Pillow right below the ribs and push in and out with the breath to release tension and stagnant energy.
  • *Tip for deeper stimulation: Lie down on your stomach and place the Wooden Pillow right above the hip joints. Stimulate your lower and upper abdomen by rocking your pelvis side to side. Push out with your abdominal muscles as you breathe in, and relax as your breathe out, letting the Wooden Pillow stimulate the deep blockages held in your abdomen.

To massage your feet

To massage your feet:

  • Step on the pillow to stimulate the energy points on your feet. Try it while sitting in a chair or standing on it.
  • For deeper stimulation, press one foot into the corner of the pillow.

Try the Wooden Pillow Experience course for 27 guided videos on how to use the Wooden Pillow for head-to-toe healing with acupressure specialist, Donna Lovong as your talented and compassionate instructor.

*All wooden product shipments include a 40% discount coupon code for the Wooden Pillow Experience online course.

Get fast relief from a stiff neck, aching shoulders, and stress headaches.


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