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Get the best of Turquoise Sage for your skin with this travel set. Turquoise Sage is a blend of organic and wild Sages and Lavenders that promote healing and relaxation. The addition of Arnica CO2-extract makes this great for muscle and joint discomfort and inflammation. 

This travel set includes a product card, a nice travel bag, and one of each of the following: 

Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Body Oil (2 fl oz)
This is a unique healing and purifying massage oil rich in native botanicals. Arnica is great for easing pain of injury and other inflammatory conditions, while speeding up repair.

Turquoise Sage Rosehip & Aloe Facial Mist (2 fl oz)
Combines soothing, organic aloe vera with wild and organic Lavender and Sage oils to freshen and hydrate your skin, purify the air around you, and calm the mind. 

Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Soothing Salve (0.8 fl oz)
Infused with Arnica and organic native essential oils, apply to muscles and joints to help ease inflammation and speed recovery from bruises and sprains. 

Turquoise Sage Mountain Arnica Body Lotion (2 fl oz)
A rich lotion formulated with jojoba and natural plants to nourish and condition your skin. Infused with Arnica and organic and native essential oils of Lavender and Sage to soothe the body and mind.

Turquoise Sage Yucca Root Body Wash (2 fl oz)
A naturally derived, sulfate free cleanser for body and face. It develops a rich, mild later to wash your skin without drying or irritation. Scented with pure essential oils of organic and wild Lavenders and Sages, it is soothing to the body and mind and will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

*All products are free from artificial colors, fragrances, parabens, phthalates, or gluten.


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