Tiger’s Eye Crystal Massage Wand

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Tiger’s Eye brings you the power to focus the mind for increased willpower, clarity, and intuition. It helps dispel the clouds of emotions so you can resolve problems objectively and easily. It’s also particularly useful for dispelling fear and anxiety, and healing psychosomatic illnesses.

Tiger’s Eye has been highly regarded in various cultures throughout history as a mysterious and powerful stone of protection.  Ancient Egyptians believed it to provide the combined protection of the sun and earth, and they used it for the eyes in their deity statues to express all-knowing divine vision. If you’re looking to bring sharpness to your inner vision, try Tiger’s Eye.

How to Use:
Crystals have their own unique energetic signature that you can use to boost or cleanse your aura. Use this crystal wand to massage specific chakras or meridian acupressure points. You can also massage specific body parts to improve circulation and energy flow. Combine your massage with steady deep breathing to help focus your mind and release tension in the area.

Check out this article for more about how to use a chakra wand on yourself. 

Length: 4”
Color: golden to red-brown with a silky luster. 

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