Relief Tea for Calmness - Korean Fermented Herbal Tea

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It’s time to leave your stress behind and start anew. The “Refreshing Calm” Fermented Herbal Tea is meant to relax you from head to toe, so that you can feel renewed and one with yourself.

Balloon flower roots promote respiratory health by easing congestion and improving healthy inflammatory responses and glucose levels in the body. Polygomi (fleeceflower) root is known to reduce tension in the body, while Dan-shen root is great for heart palpitations, menstrual cramps, insomnia, inflammation, high cholesterol, and even has calming qualities for those who suffer from anxiety. The Lonicera flower (honeysuckle) is a powerhouse of various nutrients whose aroma can help alleviate mental and physical stress.

Ingredients: Balloon flower root (40%), Dan-shen root (30%), Polygoni root (20%), Lonicera flower (10%)

Each box contains 12 tea bags made of non-GMO and biodegradable filters. Can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Using traditional Korean medicinal views of our body’s health, our Premium Korean Fermented Herbal Tea is specifically designed to bring relief to certain symptoms. Our tea’s unique fermentation process is measured at the perfect temperature and time in order to naturally breakdown the substances of the herbs involved. Each batch is prepared with special attention for over a month to result in a healthy tea that contains probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients.

Our teas are all-natural and caffeine-free, packaged in non-GMO biodegradable tea bags. The natural fermentation process brings out the benefits of the healthy ingredients in each of the teas for a replenishing and enjoyable tea drinking experience.

How to Brew:
1. Pour 12-16 oz of fresh boiling water over 1 tea bag. Steep for 4 minutes. Remove tea bag. Serve and enjoy.
2. To enjoy cold, steep and brew as hot. Keep tea bag in the water until it cools to warm/room temperature. Refrigerate immediately.

Tea Fermentation Process

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