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Chakra T-Shirt

The chakras are the seven key energy centers of our body. Each chakra has unique characteristics and all are closely connected to the state of our mind, body, and spirit.Symbolic of “the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes,” this chakra bird takes...
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Hantoryum Healing Necklace

As beautiful as it is powerful, this necklace protects you from negative energy and sends positive, healing energy deep into the body.The beads of the necklace are made of pure Hantoryum with no additives or coatings. Hantoryum is a compound of carefully...
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Ilchi Calligraphy T-shirt (Chun Hwa)

100% CottonWhite ColorV-Neck & Short SleeveThis Ilchi Calligraphy's message is, "I came to the Earth as a light, as a LifeParticle. When I finish my life having achieved my dream, I will return back to bright light, a LifeParticle as I once was."...
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Organic Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser

Reward your face with cool, calming cucumber. A soothing, certified organic cleanser that naturally exfoliates, hydrates and gently cleanses dirt and makeup that can cause irritation.Cucumber has been used since Cleopatra's time to cool and calm skin...

Chakra Dancer Pendant

Carry the colors of the rainbow with this unique pendant. The colors of each gemstone correspond with the colors of the body’s chakras and are sure to freshen up any outfit. Wear it as an everyday item or a statement piece for a special occasion...