LifeParticle Keychain

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Protect your keys from getting lost with the energy of the LifeParticles! This LifeParticle keychain can remind you of your essence as you fly through this modern world.

The transparency of the keychain will allow actual light to pass throughmaking the power of the lifeparticle that much more effective. If youhave no need for a key chain you can hang it from your rear-view mirroror window in the office or home, letting the positive, healing light shinethrough.

LifeParticles are the smallest elementary particles that give rise to all life forms. They can be directed by the mind and serve as a bridge between a person's inner consciousness and the physical world. As you learn to access the power of LifeParticles, your intentions become reality.

LifeParticles are pure love. You may visualize them as beams of bright particles of light being sent to a person or situation. The moment you focus on a person, thing, or goal, LifeParticles are immediately sent to it, materializing your intentions in the physical world. The best way to receive or send LifeParticles is with a calm, open mind and a pure, sincere heart.

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