KF94 3-D Cotton Filter Face Mask (2 Pack)

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These 100% cotton filter masks have 5 layers of filters that block out microparticles, dust, pollen, odors, bacteria, and other infectious particles in the air. They are soft on the skin and are designed in a 3-D style that provide enough space to comfortably breathe as compared to other flat masks. Can be reused for up to 10 days with 8 hours of wear per day.

Contains no chemicals, heavy metals, synthetic dyes, or bleach.

*KF94 is approved as a medical device by the Korean FDA and has a similar standard of filtration to N95 masks in the United States. Click here for details.



*DISCLAIMER: Filter masks are only designed to prevent and not guarantee protection from contaminants. Masks should be replaced regularly and never used beyond the recommended days. Handle with care and avoid touching the inside of the mask to avoid contamination.

Material: 100% Cotton
Sizing: One size
Colors: Available in White and Black
Quantity: 1 pack contains 2 masks
Made in Korea

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