Kambaba Jasper Crystal Massage Wand

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Kambaba Jasper is known for bringing peace and tranquility by reducing feelings of fear and worry. Energetically, it can be used to remove blockages in the heart chakra, so you can feel more secure in giving and receiving love. It’s also a powerful detoxifier for the body, and can promote better health by giving a boost to the immune system. 

Kambaba Jasper gets its beautiful appearance from its composition consisting of microcrystalline Quartz and a primordial form of blue-green algae.  It was originally known as Green Stromatolite Jasper. Stromatolites are the oldest known fossils dating as far back as 3.8 billion years ago… so using this stone gives you a remarkable connection to one of the earliest moments of life on Earth!


How to Use:
Crystals have their own unique energetic signature that you can use to boost or cleanse your aura. Use this crystal wand to massage specific chakras or meridian acupressure points. You can also massage specific body parts to improve circulation and energy flow. Combine your massage with steady deep breathing to help focus your mind and release tension in the area.

Check out this article for more about how to use a chakra wand on yourself. 

Length: 4” 
Color: bluish-gray-green with mottled patterns of black specks and swirls

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