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Okum Chun ki Necklace

This healing Okum necklace contains the characters Chun Ki, which translates to “Heaven’s Energy.” This necklace is perfect for carrying with you the energies of heaven and can be a beautiful gift for a loved one.What is Okum? Made in...
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Qi Energy Sterling Silver Necklace

"QI"This necklace contains the Chinese character Qi, meaning “energy.” It’s taken from a calligraphy art piece that Ilchi Lee drew himself while in a deeply meditative state and contains the energy of enlightenment. It’s sure to...
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LifeParticle Silver Necklace

The necklace contains images of the LifeParticle Sun on both sides. It is made with a special type of printing and treated with a coating that is resistant to tarnish from daily wear. The necklace is light and is white gold plated over sterling...
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Hantoryum Healing Necklace

As beautiful as it is powerful, this necklace protects you from negative energy and sends positive, healing energy deep into the body.The beads of the necklace are made of pure Hantoryum with no additives or coatings. Hantoryum is a compound of carefully...
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