Immunity Assist Toolkit

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If you want to have a strong immune system, there are things you can do beyond eating healthy food and sleeping well. The immune system can do its job best when your core body temperature is at the higher end of its normal range, when your body’s blood and lymph can circulate well, and when you have enough healthy bacteria in your gut.

The combination of tools in this kit can help you do all that on your own without intense exercise. They gently yet effectively massage your muscles, releasing stress points. They can be applied directly to your belly to circulate the blood and lymph that runs through it while warming it up and helping to clear your intestines.

What's in the Kit?

  1. Belly Button Healing Wand
  2. Belly Button Healing Buddy
  3. Wooden Pillow
  4. Infrared Therapy Heat Stone

Belly Button Healing Wand

An ergonomically-designed tool with different-sized ends that allows you to massage and stimulate the gut without straining your shoulders and growing tired. It can be used to massage all around the abdomen, but is specifically designed for massaging over the belly button, an important acupressure point. Gently and repeatedly press the belly button with the wand for a feeling of warmth and relaxation all over the body. Use the wand over clothing for cleanliness and safety.

Included in the kit is a Belly Button Healing Buddy, a rubbery, smiley-faced attachment for the smallest end of the wand. Using the Buddy with your Belly Button Healing Wand can help you massage your navel more comfortably. One color will be randomly chosen for your kit (no requests accepted).

Wooden Pillow

This self-massage tool uses your own body weight to give you fast relief from pain and tension and to promote circulation throughout your body, especially along your spine, neck, and shoulders. Use it on your abdomen to increase internal warmth and movement through the intestines.

The Wooden Pillow is made of wood from the Paulownia tree, known for its strength, durability, and resistance to warping. It withstands decades of use and is small and light enough to take anywhere, even in a suitcase.

How to Choose the Right Size For You
Size 1 - Fits 5’3” and under
Size 2 - Fits 5’3” to 5’11”
Size 3 - Fits 6’ and above
*NOTE: If you are between any heights, we recommend sizing down if your neck is short and sizing up if your neck is long.

Infrared Therapy Heat Stone

This weighted disc heats up by plugging into an electrical outlet so you can add heat to your body. The heat stone lasts longer and provides a steadier source of heat than an ordinary microwaveable hot pack. It also emits far infrared rays (FIRS), which penetrate deeper into the muscle and tissue for effective inflammation relief and cellular renewal. Use it anywhere around the house or during your travels.

How to Use:

  1. Plug the Infrared Therapy Heat Stone into an electrical outlet to charge. A red light on the disc will turn off when it is fully charged. (Takes about 3 minutes.)
  2. After charging, disconnect the Infrared Therapy Heat Stone from the power outlet. (DO NOT use while still plugged in!)
  3. Place the Infrared Therapy Heat Stone inside the provided orange cloth bag and place it on your abdomen, back, legs, or shoulders. (Note: If the disc is too hot, wrap it again with a towel or cloth.)

Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz, 340 W
Charging time: 3 minutes / Releasing time: 2 hours
Weight: 2.2 lbs
Size: 9 in x 7 in (22 cm x 18 cm)
Disc Material: Kaolin (Tourmaline), Vermiculite, Ceramic, Polyethylene
Certification safety number: HC07096-11004B

Do not use the Infrared Therapy Heat Stone directly on the skin. Always use covered with the provided orange cloth bag or with a cotton towel. Do not wrap the Heat Stone in synthetic fabrics as it may overheat the product. Do not use the Infrared Therapy Heat Stone while leaving it plugged into the outlet.

A belt for the Infrared Therapy Heat Stone is sold separately here.


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