Hwangchil Incense (30 sticks)

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Be carried away into the mysteries of Hwangchil.

Known for centuries to be the "choice of Kings" and it's almost mystical healing benefits, Hwangchil's heady fragrance will carry you away to an ancient land of health and healing.

The Hwangchil tree (Dendropanax Mobifera Lev.) is a broad-leaved, evergreen perennial tree that grows only in the southern regions of Korea and Korea's Jeju Island.

In Greek, Dendro means tree and panax means panacea. They are in a family of plants called “araciaceae” or the Ginseng Family. Other plants in the Ginseng Family are the Panax group, which include Panax Ginseng (Asian ginseng) and Acanthopanax (Siberian ginseng)

Of all the adaptogenic herbs, nothing surpasses Hwangchil for stabilizing the nervous system and supporting your self-healing system or Solar Body.

A Solar Body is a person who recovers her natural healing ability, shining on her own like the sun to create her own health and happiness.

The Hwangchil Incense in Ancient Text.
Bencao Gangmu, an ancient botanical text written in 1590 during the Ming Dynasty of China says,If you burn Hwangchil incense, you get rid of fatigue, it strengthens kidneys for men, and irregular menstruation in women, etc. Benzoin benefits acute heart pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, and rids the body of unhealthy energies.

"Hearing the Incense"
Long ago in Korea, people always had incense burning in the room, whether they were reading a book, playing the geomungo (a Korean 6-stringed musical instrument), drinking tea, or having a conversation. They called the practice of meditating with incense as "hearing" the incense, rather than smelling it. So the act of burning incense meant to listen to oneself and enjoy the space that expands from within oneself.

How to Use Hwangchil
Turn Off Your Stress Mode and Turn on Your Healing Mode!!

Light your incense stick in a well ventilated space and let its relaxing fragrance fill the room, and your senses. Use its powerful healing properties to have a conversation with your body. Through breathing, "listening" and raising your natural body temperature, you can raise your natural healing power too!

Use Hwangchil incense morning, noon and night for an all-day meditation journey into the mysteries of your own powerful inner universe.

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