Hwangchil Incense (120 sticks)

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Known for it’s healing benefits, Hwangchil Incense can help you relieve stress, calm the nervous system, and gain peace in the body and mind. 


What is Hwangchil (Dendropanax)?

In Greek, Dendro means tree and panax means panacea. Dendropanax is an adaptogenic herb and part of the Ginseng family. It is found in Hwangchil trees, which give off the subtle, delicate fragrance of Benzoin that is relaxing to the body and comforting to the mind. We source only from high quality Hwangchil trees native to the southern regions of Korea, mainly from Bogildo island. 

Learn more about Hwangchil here.


"Hearing the Incense"

Long ago in Korea, people always had incense burning in the room, whether they were reading a book, playing music, drinking tea, or having a conversation. They called the practice of meditating with incense as "hearing" the incense, rather than smelling it. So the act of burning incense meant to listen to oneself and enjoy the space that expands from within oneself.


The History of Hwangchil

Korea's Hwangchil—highly prized for its medicinal properties—has been pillaged by Asian rulers for at least two millennia. As outside forces invaded Korea, foreign rulers demanded Hwangchil be paid as tribute in exchange for peace in the region. After the Second Manchu Invasion in 1636, the Korean king ordered his people to axe down all the remaining Hwangchil trees to declare that it was no longer an item that Korea would pay in return for China's promise not to invade the nation.

Although Hwangchil had been obscured and hidden within a painful history, Brain Education founder, Ilchi Lee, has rediscovered it and wants to bring its healing properties back into the world. His goal is to carry on its legacy by finding ways to continue its original intention, which was to optimize our natural healing power.


Quantity: 1 pack of 120 sticks 
Storage: Avoid moisture and direct sunlight. Store in a cool area. Keep out of reach of children.

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Reviews (5)

Corbin Williams Jul 9th 2022

Incense review

Wish it came with an incense holder!

Marni Wasserman Jun 8th 2022

Best Smelling Incense

I use this incense every day. It smells so good, and doesn't overpower my room/kitchen or linger like some other incense does. Highly recommended!

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Additional Info

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