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Heart-shaped Hot/Cold Pack

Handmade with Love in Phoenix, Arizona.The Heart-shaped Hot/Cold Pack is a great healing tool that can release tension and swelling in your body, improve circulation and digestion, and relieve cold & flu symptoms. It’s also useful for...
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Amethyst BioBelt

Free shipping for contiguous U.S. onlyA crystal healing belt for your abdomenThe Amethyst BioBelt contains 8 crystals that produce far infrared rays and negative ions and have been used for healing in ancient civilizations from Asia and the Middle East...
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Herbal Hot/Cold Pack

Try our Herbal Hot/Cold Pack for soothing pain relief in your muscles and joints after a long day. Filled with a calming, aromatic blend of natural herbs including chamomile, cinnamon, lemongrass and peppermint.    How to Use Hot: Heat it in...
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Shoulder Herbal Hot/Cold Pack

Soothing therapy for temporary relief of sore or sprained shouldermuscles, neck tension or overall relaxation. Reusable for anytime youneed alternating hot/moist/cold treatment.Give yourself some soothing therapy for temporary neck and shoulder pain...
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