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Chakra Stone

The First Chakra is the color red and is located at the base of the spine. It represents basic survival needs, our rootedness to the earth, security and healthy sexuality.First Chakra Stone helps you ground yourself to earth's nurturing forces and...
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Healing Chakra Essential Oil Set

This set of 7 Healing chakra therapy Oils aids in Chakra healing for physical and energetic health.  These natural essential oils contain a blend of different aromas to help awaken the energies of each individual chakra—from the first to the...

Red Bean Hot/Cold Pack (Large)

Our Red Bean Hot/Cold Pack is great for soothing aches and pains while helping increase blood and energy circulation in the body. This pack is big enough to use on your abdomen, back, or shoulders and comes with a velcro strap to stay put—making it...
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'Soul of Mago' Aquamarine Photo

Available in sizes:-- small (5 x 7 in)-- med (8 x 10 in)-- large (16 x 20 in)Containing the very vibrations of the soul of mother earth (Mago), aquamarine is a rare and powerful healing crystal, known for its ability to sharpen intuition, improve mental...
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