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Healing Tools

Try our energy healing tools for chakra healing, pain management, meditation, and stress relief.

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Energy Healing
Energy Healing
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LifeParticle Hologram Card


The LifeParticle Hologram Card features a 3D sacred geometry image of the LifeParticle Sun designed by energy meditation expert, Ilchi Lee. LifeParticles can bring your mind into a meditative state and bring out your innate potential to manifest your...

Magnetic Meditation Kit


Magnetic Meditation is a meditation method in which you use the tangible sensation of the magnetic fields of magnets to feel, amplify, and circulate energy. By playing with and rubbing magnets together, you can enhance their magnetic energy field during...

Meditation Mat

$40.50 $34.43

This meditation mat is made of 100% cotton and provides the perfect extra cushioning for meditation, yoga, bowing, or exercise.Details:Size: 50” x 20” x 1”The cover and the inner cushion are separate for easy washing. There may be a...

Meridian Acupoint Model


Let the Meridian Acupoint Model be your guide. This soft and flexible plastic human figure doll maps the meridians and points along the entire human body, including male/female reproductive points. Comes with a paper reference pamphlet and a black round...

Solar Energy Circuit Cards


Powerful and effective, Solar Energy Circuit Meditation recharges your body and mind until they radiate with complete health and happiness. Take in the 12 circuits that characterize the cosmic energy around you to zap away physical imbalances and old,...

Spiritual Power Set


This Spiritual Power Set includes 4 items and will be sent with the items packaged in a cardboard box wrapped with a ribbon and personalized note. Please indicate in the memo what message you’d like written in the note. Orders without memos will be...