Healing Chakra Essential Oil Set

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This set of 7 healing chakra therapy oils aids in chakra healing for physical and energetic health

These natural essential oils contain a blend of different aromas to help awaken the energies of each individual chakra—from the first to the seventh. The oils selected for each chakra are of the highest quality.

How to use and enjoy!
The oils are absorbed directly into your skin, so they’re fast and effective.

Aroma - Hold bottle directly under nose, close eyes, slowly take 3 inhalations and exhalations.  Enjoy.
Diffuse - Place 3-5 drops with water in a diffuser for lasting aroma at home or office.
Massage - Add chakra oil to almond oil or other carrier massage oil. Massage and enjoy the healing aroma.
Soak - Place 5-10 drops in bath water for relaxing and healing.

Reference the Seven Chakra Information Chart below to determine which oil(s) your energy system needs. Look at the "Abnormal Symptoms" column and identify what you’re feeling in comparison to the "Balanced Harmony" column.

You may have more than one chakra that is imbalanced, so choose the one that is most true at the time.

Chakras are the organs of your body’s energy system to which every aspect of health is connected
If you are experiencing some limitations or challenges in your life—in relationships, career, or health—one or more of your chakras are not balanced.

Each chakra governs a specific kind of energy related to various human attributes
Overall, the chakra system is related to our individual growth and development of consciousness. The lower chakras deal more with primal issues of survival, physical health, sexuality and power.  The upper chakras are concerned with issues of personal expression, insight and spiritual completion.

All chakras remain important to the individual’s overall state of health
It is not an overstatement to say that complete health begins and ends with the chakras. Problems with the chakras are rooted in problems of the body, mind and spirit.  A change in the energy of the chakras signifies transformation of the truest sort.

Changing your energy changes your habits, character, constitution and thoughts
These chakra oils provide an easy, simple health method for awakening and balancing the chakras in our bodies! These oils are of the highest, purest quality. Aromatherapy is an age-old way to stimulate the brain and heal from the inside out. These essential oils are absorbed directly into your skin, so they’re fast and effective.

It is possible to test the openness of each chakra using a pendulum.
This can be done before, during or after chakra oil use to determine which chakras are open or closed and to help you determine which oil would be best for you to use. The person being tested should stand with one palm facing up and focus on one chakra. The person testing should hold the pendulum over the open palm. This energy center is powerful and will move the pendulum clockwise with ease if the chakra is indeed open. If there is little or no movement, keep focusing on opening that chakra, using the oil and mind-body exercises such as meditation, yoga or meridian healing. Be patient and quietly take your time. 

Contents: 7 bottles of essential oils labeled for each chakra. Each bottle is 10 mL. A meditation card for each chakra and a user guide.
Ingredients: Special East Asian, 100% natural and safe essential oil blends that are different for each chakra. See chart above.
Storage: Store in dark, dry, cool location.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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