Green Aventurine Crystal Massage Wand

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Aventurine is microcrystalline Quartz that comes in a variety of colors. Green is considered the luckiest, and is the bringer of serendipitous coincidences and positive change. Its energy encourages decisiveness and other leadership qualities, and opens you to new experiences. If you’re looking to start new adventures or forge new paths in life, this is the stone for you!


How to Use:
Crystals have their own unique energetic signature that you can use to boost or cleanse your aura. Use this crystal wand to massage specific chakras or meridian acupressure points. You can also massage specific body parts to improve circulation and energy flow. Combine your massage with steady deep breathing to help focus your mind and release tension in the area.

Check out this article for more about how to use a chakra wand on yourself. 

Length: 4”
Color: lively green

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