Detox Healing Energy Tea

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The Detox Healing Energy Tea is a premium blend of four ingredients traditionally used in Oriental Medicine to promote vitality, flush toxins and ease a stressful mind. This tea is made through a fermentation process and has a mild, earthy taste with a hint of natural sweetness.

Contains no caffeine, sugar, laxatives, or diuretics. Naturally vegan and gluten-free. Made of all-natural ingredients.

The Detox Healing Energy Tea goes through a fermentation process that uses probiotic microorganisms or fungi to extract substances that naturally aid digestion and eliminates toxins. The detoxification properties of this tea are gentle and make it safe enough to drink throughout the day.

Fermented Jeju tangerine peel, Danshen Root (Red Ginseng), Ladybell Root, Wild Smilax


Fermented Jeju Tangerine Peel

Tangerine peels have long been known to help prevent colds, help with fatigue and relieve issues with digestion. The savory, earthy character of the tangerine peel warms and protects the body and intestines, effectively promoting energy circulation from deep within the body.


Danshen Root (Red Ginseng)

Commonly known as red ginseng, Danshen is a medicinal herb known to improve energy and blood circulation while having a calming effect on the mind.


Lady Bell Root

Similar in appearance to ginseng, this medicinal herb is known to have long been used to stabilizing the five major organs of Oriental Medicine (lungs, liver, stomach, large intestines, kidneys). It cools excessive heat in the body and helps eliminate impurities in the body that may cause inflammation.


Wild Smilax

Known as a powerful detoxifying substance, Wild Smilax is a medicinal herb that helps rid the body of heavy metals, enhance spleen function and promote clear, healthy skin.


How to Use for Tea Meditation
Put one teabag of the Detox Healing Energy Tea in a cup or teapot with water just above 200

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