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The Brain Education Healing Point (BHP) Finder is a tool to stimulate acupressure points on your head, hands, and feet—and specifically designed to practice the self healing technique of BHP Energy Healing. 

What Is BHP Energy Healing?

BHP stands for “Brain Education Healing Point,” which describes areas around acupressure points that carry blocked energy. BHP Energy Healing is the process of releasing blocked energies by pressing down on those areas with a rounded tool. 

It is an easy, safe, and effective energy healing method developed by Ilchi Lee. It helps activate your natural healing power and  is a self-healing method that anyone can easily practice regardless of age or condition.

How to Do BHP Energy Healing

  • Find your BHPs (points of pain) with the BHP Finder by pressing down on points along the nail beds of your fingers.
  • Press the most painful spot (with moderate pressure) for about one minute, while you exhale out. Imagine your pain leaving the body through your breath. 
  • Notice any sensations such as warmth, coldness, heaviness, lightness, and/or tingling. These are signs of energy moving in your body. 
  • After one minute, release the Finder from the point and rub out the pain in your finger with the soft part of your thumb.
  • Repeat for the other BHPs until you feel your pain reducing. 


  • Always use clean hands and a clean BHP Finder when doing BHP Energy Healing
  • Always use moderate pressure to prevent skin irritation. NEVER press too hard! 
  • Keep out of reach of children.

This product is exclusively designed for doing BHP Energy Healing and is not intended to heal or treat any specific disease. When in doubt, always consult your physician. 


Learn more about BHP Energy Healing at


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Material: Brass

Size: Length 4.33 inches / Diameter 0.53 inches (at the rounded top)

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