Discover the Power of the Ancient Wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung

Whether you’re interested in a healthy body, clear mind, balanced emotions, or spiritual growth, the energy of the ancient text, the Chun Bu Kyung, can help.

Made up of only 81 Asian characters, or words, the Chun Bu Kyung appeared in what was to become Korea around 9,000 years ago. The text, which is considered sacred by some, talks about the oneness, harmony, and evolution of all life.

While the wisdom of the Chun Bu Kyung is deep and all-encompassing, its energy is also very important. Energy connects our minds and bodies. According to Asian medicine, our energy needs to be clear and flowing well in order for us to be healthy in every way.

The overall energy of the Chun Bu Kyung is pure and clarifying. Coming into contact with it helps you clear away any energetic impurities you may have. It lets you resonate with the essence of life and feel your deep inner self. The strong, pure energy of the Chun Bu Kyung is one of the best ways to change any imbalances or blockages your body’s energy system may have.

The Chun Bu Kyung can help you:

  • Make your mind more peaceful
  • Let go of heavy or negative emotions
  • Have a open heart
  • Increase your acceptance of what is
  • Express your true self

Each character of the Chun Bu Kyung also has its own energy related to its meaning. By taking in the energy of a character, you start to align with the meaning behind it.

Because energy is easily transmitted through sight and sound, Change Your Energy has several products that use these to let you resonate with the energy of the Chun Bu Kyung. These products were developed by CYE founder Ilchi Lee, who experienced and realized Chun Bu Kyung’s nature and power.

Power of the Chun Bu Kyung CD

Ten tracks provide Chun Bu Kyung chants in various styles as well as the meaning and history of the text. The chanting was done by Ilchi Lee and/or other master meditators while in a deep meditative state. Playing the chants can clear your energy, thoughts, emotions, and even your space. Great for meditation or to learn to chant the Chun Bu Kyung yourself.

ChunBuKyung Wisdom Cards

Each of the 81 cards has a character of the Chun Bu Kyung, its meaning, and a longer explanation of it. The characters are shown in Ilchi Lee’s own calligraphic writing. Cards with the text’s history and overall meaning are also included. Pick a different card every day or every week to get a message and energy that you need.

Wall Hangings: ChunBuKyung Satin (Framed) and Chunbukyung Wall Scroll Banner

Putting the written form of the Chun Bu Kyung in your space can change its energy. Besides clearing the energy, it raises its vibration to one of oneness and love. Great for bedrooms, living rooms, meditation/yoga rooms, and offices. Change Your Energy has different wall hanging options so you can choose the one that fits your space. There are two framed hangings with either a blue or light green background and Chinese characters written in gold. Flexible wall scrolls with light metal rods at the top and bottom portray the Chun Bu Kyung in either black Chinese characters on a white background or in ancient oracle bone script on a yellowed paper-looking background.

ChunBuKyung Clothing

Take the Chun Bu Kyung wherever you go with a variety of short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts featuring the characters. Find the right one for you among the different styles and colors Scarves of 100% silk in three colors are also available.

Writing Practice: ChunBuKyung Ki Calligraphy Workbook and ChunBuKyung Writing Meditation

These two calligraphy workbooks show you how to write the Chun Bu Kyung in Chinese characters for yourself. Making this a writing meditation can deeply integrate the energy and meaning of the Chun Bu Kyung into your body, heart, and mind. The workbooks give you precise instruction and plenty of space, and they don’t require special tools to use.

ChunBuKyung Practice Kit

This kit brings together the Power of the Chun Bu Kyung CD, the ChunBuKyung Writing Meditation workbook, and the Chun Bu Kyung Wisdom Cards. Their combined power let you fully immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the Chun Bu Kyung and study the text deeply.

As you can see, the Shop at has everything you need to become one with the wisdom and energy of the ancient sacred text of the Chun Bu Kyung. Surround yourself with it as a way to support your energy, your health, and all your endeavors.