Create a Sacred Space with Hwangchil & Burning Incense

Burning incense sticks have a long tradition of being used to complement and enhance meditation practices. Scents like Frankincense, Sandalwood and Sage are familiar favorites for neutralizing energies, but there is one plant that has an even richer tradition. When it comes to inducing relaxation and healing during meditation, Hwangchil just may be the "King" of herbs.

What is Hwangchil?

The Hwangchil tree (Dendropanax Mobifera Lev) is a broad-leaved, evergreen perennial tree. In Greek, Dendro means tree and panax means panacea. They are in a family of plants called “araciaceae” or the Ginseng Family.

Known for centuries to be the choice of kings for it's almost mystical healing benefits, Hwangchil's divine fragrance helps you quickly attain a deep meditative state. Its medicinal properties work on both your physical and subtle energy body, bringing both into balance.

What are the Benefits of Burning Hwangchil Incense?

Hwangchil incense is mentioned in the ancient text Bencao Gangmu, an encyclopedic compendium written by Li Shi-zhen, a Chinese doctor who lived during the Ming Dynasty, in 1590. "If you burn Hwangchil through incense, you get rid of fatigue, it strengthens kidneys for men, and irregular menstruation in women," the text says.

In Greek, Dendro means tree and panax means peace. Hwangchil gets its peacemaking reputation from its active compound Benzoin. It is considered an adaptogenic herb, noted for stabilizing the nervous system.

It is said to also benefit acute heart pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, and rid the body of unhealthy energies.

It is an excellent herb to use for supporting your self-healing system or awakening your Solar Body.

Burning Incense & Receiving the Benefits of Hwangchil

Here are some traditional ways, and modern ways, you can use Hwangchil to put yourself in a relaxed, meditative state all throughout your day, every day.

"Hearing" the Incense
Long ago in Korea, people always had incense burning in the room, whether they were reading a book, playing the geomungo (a Korean 6-stringed musical instrument), drinking tea, or having a conversation. They referred to the practice of meditating with incense as "hearing" the incense. Rather than simply smelling or breathing in the incense, one wanted to "listen" to oneself, and enjoy the expansion of all one's senses that it bestows on the meditator.

Morning: Start your day with sincere intention.
If your head isn’t clear because you’re not fully awake from your sleep, burn a Hwangchil incense. The stagnant energy that accumulated during the night will be cleansed, and you’ll be able to start your day with brisk clarity. After opening the windows and airing the room, prepare an incense holder and light an incense stick with your heart-filled intention. Think of how the incense is also lighting your body and making your surroundings clear and fragrant. If you don’t have an incense holder, you can stick it in a bowl or cup filled with rice or sand.

Afternoon: Ground yourself amidst a busy day.
You may find that fatigue sets in after you've had lunch, around three or four. Light a Hwangchil incense, and you can look back with a quiet mind on the work that you’ve accomplished so far and readjust your mindset for the rest of the day. Then spend some time to recharge. You can also burn an incense whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation. It’ll transform your mood and bring you peace and calm. If you are in a place where lighting incense is not permitted, simply take 5-15 slow inhales and exhales of an unlit stick, and observe the sensations in your body with every breath. Hwangchil is so pure, just smelling it will bring comfort and help you clear your mind of negative thoughts and worry.

Night: Take time to reflect.
Late in the night, by yourself, burn an incense. As you watch the solid incense disperse into a formless smoke, quietly observe how the gift of this day you’ve been given has also disappeared without a trace. Remind yourself that your day's work is complete. Now you can sleep soundly, with contentment and peace of mind. Tomorrow you can start anew.

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