Best of Wooden Pillows & Bolsters Set

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*Due to the size of the items, this gift set will not come packaged in a gift box wrapped in ribbon.

This Best of Wooden Pillow & Bolsters Set includes 4 items and will be sent with a personalized note. Please indicate in the memo what message you’d like written in the note. Orders without memos will be sent without the personalized note. 

What’s Included? 


Wooden Pillow
The Wooden Pillow is not just a simple, carved piece of wood. It is a lightweight, portable tool that can help you release tension from places in the body that most commonly hold stress—such as the neck, shoulders, and back. Lightweight, durable, and easily packable in a suitcase, this tool also makes a great travel companion to relieve daily fatigue, tension and stress.


Upper Back Bolster
The Upper Back Bolster is an effective tool for relieving upper back pain, opening the chest, and realigning the spine. Try it for just 5 to 15 minutes a day and experience pain relief, relaxation, deeper breathing, and better posture.


Lower Back Bolster
The Lower Back Bolster is a simple and safe way to restore the natural curvature of the spine and to ensure proper alignment of the lumbar vertebrae. It helps to release tension from the muscles of the lower back, which can become very tight due to stress or misalignment in the spine. Using this simple tool, you can help ensure that your back remains healthy and pain-free.


Ankle Massager
The Ankle Massager is a tool that can help improve overall circulation, relieve fatigue and heaviness in the legs and feet, and strengthen the lower body. By using the Ankle Massager for just 5 to 15 minutes a day, you can rejuvenate energy in tired legs and feet.

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