Azurite Bracelet - 10mm Round Bead

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Azurite is a meditation stone that helps calm and relieve mental stress. It has been called “the Stone of Heaven,” due to its believed power to open celestial gateways. The rich, vibrant, dark-blue color of Azurite resonates with the exact frequency of the Third Eye and can stimulate clairvoyance and intuition.

Azurite is known to clear, calm, open the 6th Chakra (Third Eye).

Azurite is recommended to wear for those who want to connect to the spiritual realm. It’s also for those who want to release negative thoughts and feelings stored in the subconscious and restore a higher, clearer metal state towards Enlightenment.

Material: Azurite
Size: 7cm (Diameter), 10mm (Bead)

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