Aquamarine Necklace (Large Chip)

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18 Inch Long Natural Stone Necklace with 1.5 Inch Adjustable chain and Spring Ring Clasp.

Number of beads may vary from picture shown.

Connect with the soul of Mother Earth.

Containing the very vibrations of the soul of mother earth (Mago), aquamarine is a rare and powerfulhealing crystal, known for its ability to sharpen intuition, improve mental clarity and expand one's loveof oneself and others. Its properties help one to experience Mago's unconditional love and peace. It isknown to have life-giving forces to heal all the chakras and especially the Heart, Throat and Third-eyechakras.

View our Aquamarine Crystal Meditation Course videos to learn how to connect with Mother Earthwith Aquamarine.

Aquamarine promotes
  • Courage and clarity to express inner knowing
  • Balancing excessive anger or fear
  • Gentle, truthful, and honest communication
  • Relaxed and alert state
  • Connection to Divine Feminine
  • Freeing oneself of old patterns and relationships

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