Amethyst Pillow

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Natural shape that fits your head and neck with the healing power of amethyst crystals

The Amethyst Pillow cradles your head and neck so that it supports your posture during sleep. The shape is designed to be therapeutic and gently holds your neck and head in a natural position, minimizing any discomfort or pain. The pillow is designed ergonomically for the best possible sleep according to research and contains ochre to remove any bad energy or odors.

The Amethyst Pillow contains…
  • Amethyst
  • Tourmaline
  • Ochre
  • Memory foam

Natural Heat and Energy From Far Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays
Amethyst crystals naturally produce negative ions and far infrared rays. These invisible waves go deep into your cells and promote fast cellular repair. Great for people with headaches!

Ochre is full of enzymes like catalase, diphenol, oxydase, saccharase, and protease, which all help to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Ochre also produces far infrared rays, and the pillow’s lining contains no harmful chemicals.

Pillow Size: 480mm x 300mm x 120mm / 19" x 12" x 4.3"
Weight: 2.7kg / 6lb

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