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A crystal healing belt for your abdomen

The Amethyst BioBelt contains 8 crystals that produce far infrared rays and negative ions and have been used for healing in ancient civilizations from Asia and the Middle East. It straps around your abdomen and delivers gentle heat to your core through is unique 11-layer construction—raising your core temperature, boosting your immunity, and easing lower back pain.

The Amethyst BioBelt contains…

The Amethyst Belt’s Unique 11-Layer Construction

Far Infrared Rays
The BioBelt creates far infrared rays which are a type of heat wave that penetrate deep into your body for raising core temperature. Raising your core temperature is known to elevate the body’s natural healing ability and boost the immune system.

Negative Ions
Tourmaline and amethyst produce negative ions naturally. Negative ions are molecules that are present in nature, mostly in areas where water, woodlands and mountains are present. They’re responsible for the naturally calm and peaceful vibrations we experience in those locations.

This belt is especially great for easing lower back pain!

A trial at Rothbart Pain Management Clinic was performed to test pain relief from far infrared rays, specifically in the lower back region. The results of the study showed 50% less back pain after six weeks of far infrared ray exposure. The BioBelt uses the proven natural healing power of far infrared rays to penetrate and relieve your body of nagging pain, especially in your core and back areas.

The Amethyst BioBelt is perfect for those with...
  • Minor lower back pain or strain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Low immunity
  • Muscle tension
  • Poor circulation

Dimensions: 55.11" x 5"
Sizes: 55.11" (reg) 62.99" (XL)
Voltage: 120V

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