Acupressure Handheld Massager

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The ergonomic design of this handheld acupressure massager allows you to reach and activate pressure points on the body for a deep tissue or acupressure massage. It can be used by anyone on oneself or to heal others!

The benefits of this handheld massager include relieved tension, release of knotted muscles, improvement in sleep, and more flexibility. It can be used on all parts of the body including neck, shoulders, back and feet. There is no wrong way to use it, just see what feels best and apply more or less pressure as needed.

You can conveniently use it over clothing. You can also massage directly on the skin, perhaps with some massage oil or coconut oil to avoid tugging on the skin. For a more well-rounded healing, apply some of your favorite essential oil to a tense area to magnify the healing power.

Healing independently promotes self-empowerment, a deeper connection with the self and a better relationship with your body for self-healing.

The Pressure Point Handheld Massager was developed by Dr. Eric Berg, who has worked with over 40,000 patients over the past 25 years in his chiropractic practice.

Here are some suggestions on how and where to use the Pressure Point Handheld Massager!

Relieve neck tension at work or at home.
Place the massager on the back of your chair and lean back so that the points are on either side of your spine. Lean back and allow the points to press into your neck. Breathe comfortably and relax.

Release neck tension on either side of the spine.

Gently rub up and down your neck while breathing comfortably and exhaling tension.


Improve digestion with a gentle intestine & abdomen massage.
You can massage your belly lying down, sitting or standing. Lying down is convenient as you can use the weight of the massager and the support of the floor for stability.

Target tension in the lower back.
Apply a little or a lot of pressure to the lower back and experiment with all sides of the massager to see what feels best.

Massage the shoulders.
Using the large or medium width points, massage from the neck to the end of the shoulder and feel the tension melt away.

Relieve hip tension and stress
We tend to carry a lot of tension and stress in the hips so it is important to target this area with massaging.


Wall lean to relieve tension in the spine.
Place the massager against the wall, separate the feet for stability and press into the massager as needed.

Release chest tension and breathe easy.

Use the width of the massager that feels the best to gently release chest tension and relax the upper body.

An unexpected tense area: the legs.
Massaging the thighs and calves (the foundation to holding us up and carrying us through life) can have an unexpected but remarkable sensation of relaxation and grounding. Experiment with the size the feels best and work your thighs, shins and calves.

Tapping is also a wonderful way to awaken the legs and stimulate the flow of blood and energy to the body part we may use the most.

Completely relax with a foot massage.
The feet have connections to all other body parts and organs so acupressure massage on this area can be wholly beneficial. Place the massager on the floor and gently or firmly step onto the points.

To use on others, have them lie down on a mat or sit in a chair.

Relieve back tension on a mat.

Relax the shoulders with a chair massage.

Caution: Never press to the point that it feelsuncomfortable. Since this is a do-it-yourself procedure, apply pressureonly so that it and breathing with it feels good.

Dimensions: 6”W 6”L 6”H
Material: Industrial-grade plastic
Weight: 11 ounces

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluatedby the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, orprevent any disease. This information is provided for informationalpurposes only; it is not meant to serve as a substitute for medicaladvice provided by your physician or any other medical professional.

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