2002 - Chrysalis

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Chrysalis is hauntingly beautiful album that has the blending of angelic keyboards and strings, combined with tender flutes and poetic harp. With its dream-like quality, Chrysalis awakens a distant yet familiar safety.

"Oceans of strings and choirs, flutes and keyboards lift us out of the trials and tribulations of our daily lives as though we were on a ship with gossamer sails, sailing on the moonlight."
- Steve Ryals

Unlike some music which has to be heard repeatedly for the listener to attain common ground with the artist, 'Chrysalis' draws one magically from the very first playing into a mystical experience that transcends the earthly realm to a level of serenity, joy, and at times melancholy that is at its least beautiful, and at its best a rare masterpiece. Like all great albums, the whole is a theme of individual tracks that weave consistently from one to the next, and there are no weak songs. At the end, you wonder where the time went and are wanting for the experience to never end.

Interestingly, it was a couple of years before I searched out their other works, and found them to be equally worthy. Following the timeline of 2002's works is like watching something very mystical, rare, and beautiful come of age. Each album has a coherent theme, (this one the metaphor of metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly-say that 3 times!) and usually a myth or ancient legend behind it as inspiration-which reveals that there is an intellectual depth behind the music that on the surface is quite pleasing to the unsophisticated ear, but at the same time- for the disciplined and discerning listener each time listening reveals deeper layers of elegance and beauty that is obviously the product of gift, discipline, and mostly a lot of hard work. All great creators-whether musical, artistic, or literary- are inspired by the majestic, profound, and sometimes deeply sad mysteries of this journey we call life, and as each uses their chosen medium to fulfill their endless need to create-whether as a medium to convey their deepest feelings to others, or simply for the release of the life energy within, they leave great works that awe and inspire others long after their time on earth is done. 2002 is worthy of that billing.

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